IT Support

Remote Support

We offer remote support through the use of Teamviewer. We feel this saves valuable time when dealing with a critical issue. We are able to remotely access servers to diagnose and resolve problems before they affect your business. Offering you remote support allows us to support you anywhere

On Site Support

We offer on site support. We believe regular visits should be apart of any proactive maintenance plan. We find that regular site visits help build a relationship between our technicians and your staff, building trust. Often having a technician on site will prompt someone to mention and get an issue resolved. It also allows our technicians to go through your whole site and solve any issues before they begin affecting your business.

Manage Backup Solutions

We provide managed backup solutions to our clients. We believe that having a backup that has been tested and kept off site is essential to a disaster recovery plan. Often backups are left unchecked or untested, when the time comes for a restore, only then do some find that their backup is not restorable.

Server Support & Maintenance

Server maintenance is key to making sure your business runs smoothly. We run daily, weekly and monthly maintenance and checks on servers to keep your servers running at optimal health. “Slow network” issues can be related to a lack of server maintenance. This is part of our offering to retainer and SLA clients. We do support servers on an ADHOC basis if need be.


Connectivity is key to running a business today. We offer network cabling solutions as well internet connectivity solutions. Our technicians are able to work with firewalls and use them to add value to your infrastructure. We have experience with running large Wifi networks as well as cabling large offices and building to building microwave links.

Office 365

Another technology we have found to have many benefits to our clients, is hosted Exchange. With a 50GB mailbox with on-premise Exchange capabilities without the extra expense of an Exchange technician, we have found Microsoft’s hosted Exchange offering to be very effective in business today.

We make IT simple