Bespoke Development

Q: Who is it for?
A: A company looking for a custom solution or large site with extra functionality. An example would be an Ecommerce site.

Q: What about my current site?
A: Your existing site will stay as is until we are ready to go live, we will handle all the transfer and technicial stuff at no extra charge.

Q: What do you mean by large site?
A: We would consider a site that requires more than 5 pages a large site.

Q: Will I have access to make changes to the site?
A: Yes, we will do handover to you or continue to maintain the site based on your preference.

Q: What technology would we use?
A: Depending on the requirements of the site and your preference we would use either WordPress or a custom coded site. Sites built outside of a CMS system load a lot faster and allow for complete control and customisation.

Q: Payments?
A: We require a 40% depost for this package. If the development of the site goes over a month barrier we will charge up to 80% of the remaining bill for work completed till that point.

Q: How long will it take?
A: This is dependant on the scope of the work agreed upon.

Q: How does the hosting work?
A: We will host the site and up to 5 email addresses FREE for the first 3 months on one of our servers. After this period the hosting will cost R99.00 per month.

Q: Do you develop mobile apps and software?
A: Yes we do, our team has over 20 years of software development experience and has developed mobile apps.

Q: What is a clear difference between the bespoke development and the 2 other packages?
A: This option allows for scalability and a custom solution to meet your needs. 




For any further questions or information you need about your website, please contact us on 011 568 0300 or web@amadigital.co.za