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We’ve been around for over 20 years and have tried and tested methods for best supporting our clients.

Our Values

Our Values


We understand the value of communication with our clients. Keeping Clients (End Users as well as Management) informed of what we are doing as well as been able to communicate effectively when problem solving. Technical aspects can be taught quite easily but it is difficult to teach someone how to communicate.

Technically Proficient

We provide skilled technicians who have good problem solving abilities, relevant knowledge of their required job function. They are able to solve problems quickly, efficiently and with confidence.

Honesty & Integrity

Our technicians are honest to end users about PC issues. If problems can be fixed within a few minutes they do not take their time to increase the cost to the client. They are open enough to admit to not knowing the solution to a problem.

A Passion for Technology

Our technicians love working with technology and learning new things. Our technicians keep themselves up to date with the latest technology and trends because they are interested in IT and not because it is a requirement.


Our technicians are friendly, polite, well-mannered and respectful and have an understanding of our client’s requirements. We take pride in their work which is accurate and pay attention to detail. We are timeous in responding to client requests, understanding urgency and are ‘sharp’ in dealing with issues.

About Us

IT Consulting Since 1997

We have found the middle ground in terms of providing IT support. This is achieved by offering a service that combines both friendly and personal service with a professional formal service. So, friendly and personal service allows our clients to call us at anytime to address issues without concerns about incurring costs. Professional and formal means that we ensure that these calls are logged, service levels tracked and proactive actions minimise any down time.

We have a unique combination of expertise and so are able to provide clients with both no nonsense business advice for their IT infrastructure, having team members with over 30 years of IT and business experience as well as young energetic technocrats able to assist with modern day operating system and gadgets.

We have grown our business at a pace that allows us to continue to offer this level of service. We don’t need SLA’s with our clients. We meet and exceed expectations and are able to manage their IT infrastructure on a fixed budget. Minimal risk, no surprises, saving money from day one.

Many of our competitors go to great lengths to punt Microsoft partnerships and accreditation. We are vendor neutral and while we have extensive experience with Microsoft products, we are able to deploy open source solutions where these make business sense.
Our clients are our best advert for our service. Any doubt about what we are able to do for you is best alleviated by simply contacting one of our current clients and we will happily facilitate this for you. Once you come on board, we will then ask that you will do the same, ensuring that we meet your expectations.

We take total responsibility for your IT infrastructure. To this end, we have our own web and mail servers to eliminate ISP related problems.

We have a wide range of tried and tested products (PBX, Antivirus, mail archive, Firewall and Internet management etc.) that can make a significant difference to your business.

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